Alice Grew Up. So Did Wonderland.

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe. . . .

Alice Liddell
4 May
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Save Us Alice
Alice Liddell was born May 4, 1856, to Henry and Lorina Liddell. Henry was the Dean of Christ Church at Oxford, and Alice grew up reasonably well off. A happy and imaginative child, she created for herself a place called Wonderland, filled with various mad and silly characters for her to play with. Her parents encouraged her imagination, giving her books to read and generally raising her a bit more liberally than some of her peers. A family friend, Charles Dodgson, even wrote down Alice's tales of Wonderland into two books, presenting them to her as a gift at Christmas and promising to get them properly published later. All in all, Alice had a very happy life.

Then came the fire.

In January of 1864, Alice's parents were killed in a fire that consumed the entire house. Alice was the only one to escape the blaze. Burned and in shock, the not-quite-eight year old fell into a deep catatonia. After spending months at a hospital, she was admitted to Rutledge Asylum in November. There she spent ten years in insane silence, subsumed by grief over her family and guilt that she survived. Finally, her psyche rebelled in the form of a twisted Wonderland, destroyed by the Queen of Hearts as an incarnation of Alice's madness. Summoned by the White Rabbit through her old bunny toy back to her world, Alice began battling her way to the Queen, determined to kill her and restore both Wonderland and her sanity. After many months and quite a few near-misses, she finally slayed the Queen. Wonderland was promptly restored, and, back in the real world, Alice finally woke from her catatonia. Her rapid recovery astonished and pleased her doctor, and on October 6th, 1874, Alice exited the asylum and went to live with her uncle Charles and aunt Susan.

Into a Dark Dream You Drop

Alice made her roleplaying debut mid-game, just before the Chesslands. Her current status is post her victory over the Queen and Rutledge. She's still a bit mad, though it's a much gentler madness than before, and she's looking forward to making sure Wonderland is properly restored. She's a generally friendly girl, though prone to bluntness and fond of very unwomanly pursuits (by the standards of her home time period, anyway). She's a voracious reader and a great believer of more equality between the sexes. She also has a vicious temper if provoked, and isn't shy about using her Vorpal Blade to settle fights.

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